Hi I’m Kevin, a freelance writer and journalist with an interest in a wide variety
of topics, some of which are represented pictorially below.

                Interviews include New York’s finest indie-pop
purveyors the Drums, Liverpool’s psych-rockers
the Coral and internationally acclaimed guitar
genius Pierre Bensusan; as well as numerous
album reviews and features for a variety of
  Articles for American comedy giant
Cracked.com; interviews with (among others)
comedian Des Bishop and US performer
Patrick Combs, as well as completely serious
articles on my bumbling attempts to become
an international music mogul.


                    Features on a variety of sports and
sporting topics including Liverpool FC,
bluffing you way through the London Olympics
and an exclusive look at some of the
football headlines of tomorrow, yesterday.
Pat Kinevane       A variety of stage based interviews
including the Performance Corporation’s Jo
Mangan, I Keano’s Pat Kinevane and author,
standup and occasional international drug
smuggler Howard Marks.